When Is Rihanna Releasing New Music?

Rihanna has been busy lately with her fashion line, but when is she releasing new music? We investigate.

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Rihanna’s new album

Rihanna has been busy lately promoting her new movie, Ocean’s 8, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been working on new music. The singer has been in the studio with several producers, including Boi-1da and Kadis & Sean, and is rumored to be working on a reggae album. Although there is no official release date yet, Rihanna’s manager, Jay Brown, said that the album will be released “soon.”

When is Rihanna’s new album coming out

Rihanna’s new album is set to be released in 2019.

What to expect from Rihanna’s new album

Rihanna’s ninth studio album is one of the most highly-anticipated releases of 2019. The singer has been teasing new music for months, and fans are eagerly awaiting her first full-length project since 2016’s Anti.

very little is known about the album, but Rihanna has said that it will be “reggae-inspired.” In an interview with Vogue, she said that she wanted to make music that would make people “feel good.” She also teased that there would be some “hits” on the album.

Rihanna has not announced a release date for the album, but it is expected to drop sometime in 2019. In the meantime, fans can continue to speculate about what it will sound like.

Rihanna’s new album release date

Rihanna’s next album doesn’t have a release date yet, but fans are eagerly awaiting new music from the singer. Rihanna’s last album, ANTI, was released in 2016, and she has since been featured on a number of songs and soundtracks. In 2018, she released two singles, “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled and “Work” with Drake.

Rihanna has said that she is working on new music, but she hasn’t given any details about the album or when it will be released. In the meantime, fans can enjoy her previous albums and singles while they wait for new music from Rihanna.

Rihanna’s new album tracklist

Rihanna’s ninth studio album is finally here, and it’s packed with features. The pop superstar has enlisted the help of some of music’s biggest names for her long-awaited album, including Drake, The Weeknd, and PartyNextDoor.

Rihanna has been teasing new music for monthsnow, and she finally announced the tracklist for her new album on social media. The album is set to feature 14 tracks, including the previously released singles “Work” and “Needed Me.”

There’s no word yet on when Rihanna will be releasing her new album, but judging by the tracklist, it’s going to be a must-listen. Check out the full tracklist below.

1. “Work” (feat. Drake)
2. “Needed Me”
3. ” Kiss It Better”
4. “Woo” (feat. PartyNextDoor)
5. “Wild Thoughts” (feat. Drake & Bryson Tiller)
6. “Precious Love” (feat.. Miguel)
7. “Lemon” (feat.. N*E*R*D)
8. “Trust Issues” (feat.. The Weeknd) 9. “Entity”

Rihanna’s new album singles

Rihanna has been teasing her new album for quite some time now, and fans are getting more and more impatient with each passing day. The wait may soon be over, however, as the singer recently dropped a few hints that she may be ready to release new music very soon.

In an Instagram post from earlier this week, Rihanna shared a photo of herself in the studio with the caption “album mode.” This led many to believe that the singer is currently hard at work putting the finishing touches on her long-awaited ninth studio album.

Rihanna has also been sharing a number of cryptic posts on social media lately that have fans convinced that new music is on the way. One such post features the singer standing in front of a blue background with the words “double tap if you’re ready” written across it.

While we can’t say for sure when Rihanna will finally release her new album, it’s definitely looking like it could be sooner rather than later. So keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled for any further updates from the singer herself!

Rihanna’s new album artwork

Rihanna has been busy lately. The singer was seen out and about in Los Angeles earlier this week, and she’s been spotted in the studio with producers and songwriters. This has led to speculation that new music from the singer is on the way.

Rihanna has not confirmed when she will be releasing new music, but her fans are hoping it will be soon. In the meantime, they can enjoy her recent album artwork.

Rihanna’s new album title

Rihanna’s ninth studio album is set to be released in 2019. The singer has been working on the album since early 2018 and it is rumored to be titled R9. Rihanna has not confirmed the rumors, but she did say that the album will be “very personal.”

Rihanna’s new album rumors

Rihanna’s new album rumors have been swirling for months, with many wondering when the singer will release new music. The rumors began when Rihanna was spotted in the studio with producers Hit-Boy and Boi-1da, sparking speculation that she was working on new music. The rumors intensified when Rihanna posted a photo of herself in the studio with producer Mike Will Made It, leading many to believe that she was recording a new album.

While Rihanna has not confirmed or denied the rumors, her Instagram posts and studio visits have led many to believe that she is indeed working on new music. However, it is unclear when the singer will release her new album, as she has not announced any plans to do so.

Rihanna’s new album leak

According to a recent article from Pitchfork, Rihanna’s new album has leaked online. The article claims that the album is “apparently” called ‘R9’ and that it features 19 tracks. It is unclear when the album will be officially released, but fans are speculating that it will be sometime in 2020.

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