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The index of Foghat is a compilation of the band’s songs, arranged in order of their release dates. The songs are listed by album and then alphabetically within each album.

The Index Of Music Foghat is a website that allows users to search for songs by title or artist. The site also includes information about the song and its lyrics, as well as links to buy it on iTunes.

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Index of Music Foghat: If you’re a fan of classic rock ‘n’ roll, then chances are you’ll love the music of Foghat. The band was formed in Birmingham, England in 1975 and quickly became one of the biggest names in the genre. Their signature sound is heavy on the guitars and keyboards, with vocals that lend an air of toughness to their tunes. Songs like “Slow Ride” and “In A Lonely Place” remain classics today, and even though Foghat has disbanded several times over the years, they’ve never lost their appeal as a live act. So if you’re looking for some classic rock ‘n’ roll inspiration, be sure to check out Index of Music Foghat!


Foghat is a British rock band that formed in London in 1971. The band is best known for their hit single “Slow Ride”, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1975. Foghat has sold over 20 million records worldwide and continues to tour extensively. In recent years, the band has been nominated for several Grammy Awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The History of Foghat:

Foghat was formed in London in 1971 by guitarist Dave Peverett and drummer Roger Earl, who had both previously played with the British blues rock band Savoy Brown. The two recruited bassist Tony Stevens and vocalist Lonesome Dave Grantham, and began touring Europe and the United States. The band’s debut album, Foghat (1972), was produced by influential British record producer Derek Lawrence and featured the singles “I Just Want to Make Love to You” and “Sweet Home Chicago”.

The follow-up album, Energized (1974), was produced by Tom Dowd and featured the hit single “Slow Ride”, which reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song remains one of Foghat’s most popular tunes and is often considered their signature song. The album also includes another fan favorite, “Drivin’ Wheel”. Energized was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of 500,000 copies.

Foghat continued to tour heavily throughout the 1970s, releasing a string of successful albums including Rock & Roll Outlaws (1974), Stone Blue (1978),and Boogie Motel (1979). They also found success with their live albums, with Live! In Concert! becoming their first platinum-selling album in 1977. By this point, Stevens had left the band and been replaced by Nick Jameson on bass guitar.

In 1980, Jameson was replaced by Craig MacGregor, who would remain with Foghat until his death in 2018; his last performance with the band was at Classic Rock Festivals aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner ofthe Seas cruise ship in March 2018


Foghat is a British rock band formed in London in 1971. The band’s name is a play on the word “foggy”, which was used to describe the band’s sound. The band is best known for their hit song “Slow Ride”, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1975.

The band has released eight studio albums, four live albums, and five compilations. They have sold over 20 million records worldwide, including 8 million in the United States. Foghat has been awarded two Gold records and one Platinum record.

Band Members

Foghat is a British rock band formed in London in 1971. The band members are lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Peverett, bassist Tony Stevens, drummer Roger Earl, and keyboardist Rod Price.

The band’s name comes from a slang term for a type of hat that was popular in the 1970s. The band is best known for their hit singles “Slow Ride” and “Fool for the City”, both of which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

Foghat has sold over 10 million albums worldwide and continues to tour regularly. In 2013, the band was inducted into the Mississippi Music Hall of Fame.

Music Style

Foghat is a band that is known for their blues rock sound. They have been around since the 1970s and are still making music today. One of their most famous songs is “Slow Ride”, which was released in 1975. The song is about a man who is driving his car too fast and ends up getting pulled over by the police.


Foghat’s self-titled debut album was released in 1972. The band’s second album, Energized, was released the following year. Both albums were well received by critics and fans alike, and helped to establish the band as one of the leading forces in rock music.

Foghat’s third album, Rock & Roll Outlaws, was released in 1974. The album featured the band’s signature song “Slow Ride”, which became a huge hit worldwide. The album also included the track “I Just Want to Make Love to You”, which was later covered by Led Zeppelin on their Physical Graffiti album.

Foghat’s fourth album, Fool for the City, was released in 1975. The album features another of the band’s signature songs, “Slow Ride”, as well as the tracks “Drive Me Crazy” and “My Baby”.

Foghat’s fifth album, Night Shift, was released in 1977. The album includes the tracks “Slow Ride”, “Drivin’ Wheel”, and “I’ll Be Standing By”.

Foghat’s sixth album, Stone Blue, was released in 1978. The album features the tracks “Stone Blue”, “She Said Goodbye”, and “Easy Livin'”.


“Slow Ride” is a song by the American rock band Foghat. It was released in May 1975 as the lead single from their fourth studio album, Fool for the City. The song peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August 1975 and reached number-one on the Cash Box Top 100 Singles chart. “Slow Ride” has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The song was written by bassist Dave Peverett and guitarist Lonesome Dave Goble while they were members of Savoy Brown. It was inspired by their experiences riding motorcycles through London. The band’s producer, Tony Stevens, suggested that they record it as a potential single. “Slow Ride” features an extended guitar solo by Rod Price.

Foghat drummer Roger Earl recalled that during recording sessions for Fool for the City, Price played his solos in one take without any mistakes; however, Stevens thought that some of his playing was too fast and had him re-record them. According to Earl, this made Price angry and he refused to speak to Stevens for weeks afterwards. In a 1977 interview with Guitar Player magazine, Price said that he used a Gibson Les Paul Custom on the track which was fitted with Seymour Duncan pickups. He added that he used a Marshall amplifier set to “10” and used an MXR Blue Box octave doubler pedal to create sustain during his solo.”slow ride foghat”, “foghat songs”, “best foghat songs”


1) Slow Ride: This is undoubtedly Foghat’s most famous tune, and it remains a staple of classic rock radio to this day. It’s a simple enough song – just four chords repeated over and over – but it rocks hard thanks to some killer guitar work from Rod Price (more on him later). The lyrics are about… well, taking your time enjoying life instead of rushing through it all (“let her go slow”). And really, what could be more metal than cruising down the highway on your motorcycle with your lady friend? Or at least that’s what we imagine it’s like – we’ve never actually done it ourselves! Regardless, this is one of those perfect summertime driving songs, so crank it up next time you’re out on the open road.”foghat slow ride”, “Songs”, “best foghat songs”

2) I Just Want to Make Love to You: This is another classic Foghat tune which originally dates back to 1951 when Willie Dixon wrote it (and recorded it himself under the title “(I Can’t Help) I’m Gonna Leave You”). Muddy Waters also did a version in 1954 which became pretty popular in its own right (you might have heard Eric Clapton covering Waters’ arrangement with Cream back in 1967). But anyway, back to Foghat – their version takes Dixon’s original idea and gives it a heavy blues-rock twist courtesy of some searing slide guitar work from Rod Price again.”foghat i just want to make love to you”, “Songs”, “best foghaet songs”


Foghat is a British rock band that formed in 1971. The band is best known for their hit song “Slow Ride”, which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1975. Foghat has released eight studio albums and one live album, and they have been nominated for two Grammy Awards. Despite lineup changes and a hiatus in the 1980s, the band continues to tour and release new music, and they are considered one of the classic rock bands of the 1970s.

Foghat’s sound is based on the blues-rock of the 1960s, with heavy use of slide guitar. They have been influenced by such artists as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Freddie King, Jimi Hendrix, and Cream. The band’s first album, Foghat (1972), was produced by Dave Edmunds and featured their signature sound. The album included three singles: “I Just Want to Make Love to You”, “Sweet Home Chicago”, and “Honey Hush”.

The band’s second album, Energized (1974), was produced by Roger Glover (of Deep Purple fame) and featured more of a hard rock sound. The singles from this album were “Slow Ride” and “Drive Me Home”. Energized also marked the beginning of Foghat’s long-standing partnership with producer Rick Nielson (of Cheap Trick fame), who would produce several of their albums throughout the 1970s.

Foghat continued to tour extensively throughout the 1970s, playing over 200 shows per year at times. They released a string of successful albums including Rock & Roll Outlaws (1974), Fool for the City (1975), Night Shift (1977), Stone Blue (1978), Boogie Motel (1979),and Tight Shoes (1980). The singles from these albums included such classics as “Slow Ride”, “Fool for the City”, “Drivin’ Wheel”, “Stone Blue”,and “Third Time Lucky”.

By 1980, Foghat was one of the most popular bands in America, selling out arenas across the country. However, internal tensions within the band led to its dissolution in 1984. The members went their separate ways but reconvened in 1988 for a reunion tour which proved so successful that they decided to stay together permanently once again. In 1989 they released Return of Foo , followed by Live II in 1990 . More recently ,in 2003 ,the double disc set Road Killwas issued featuring newly recorded material along with some excellent live tracks .And finally here we are in 2013 with their latest release Under The Influence . So there you go – 40 years later an d still going strong !


After reading this blog, we hope you have a newfound appreciation for the classic rock band Foghat. We also hope you have a greater understanding of the meaning behind their most popular song, “Slow Ride.”

Foghat is a band that has been around for decades, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They are true pioneers of the classic rock sound, and their influence can be heard in many modern bands today. If you’re looking for some good old fashioned rock and roll, then Foghat is definitely worth checking out.

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